About - J. Baganz Photography

If you haven’t already hired a professional photographer to shoot your listings, you should really think about doing so.

I grew up in Central Wisconsin and got hooked on architecture after seeing my first Frank Lloyd Wright home.

I went to college at Purdue (Go Boilermakers!) and graduated with a degree in Electronic Technology. After a few years of traveling for work, I realized, while I didn't hate my education, I didn't like going to that job every day.  I went back to school and have been a full time firefighter/paramedic for the past 26 years.

My sister got me into photography years ago and I really enjoyed the aspect of nature.  The  first  photo is one of me  hiking in the Olympic Mountains, so I hope you can see why I love it.

I happen to take a trip to Spring Green Wisconsin  a year or two later (the home of Frank Lloyd Wright)  and I fell back into the architectural fascination.  Since then, I have spent endless hours looking at and walking in the Milwaukee Art Museum, San Fran's Museum of Modern Art, Fallingwater, Teliesin, the Walker Art Center and the Del Coronado.  They are items of beauty, strength and ingenuity that the eye needs to partake in.

When I am not working as a firefighter, you will find me with a camera pointed at a building, nature or light painting something.

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On top of the Olympic Mountains

On top of the Olympic Mountains